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To The Pack!

At Fawn & Moose Collar Co, we create collars that are fun, fashionable and functional!

We make
fun & colourful collars that look
like jewellery!

We got tired of collars that frayed and faded and tired of dog collars that stank of mildew. So, we decided to build better collars, and Fawn & Moose Collar Co. was born!

Great-looking beaded collars that look like chunky necklaces but function like the strong martingale collars you’re used to.

They look great on any pet, and come in dozens of colours and styles. Fawn & Moose are proudly worn by Chihuahuas, and Pit Bulls, Doodles and Poodles and even cats and (ummm) geese!  — (Hiya’ Terry).

Dozens of Different Designs With
New Collars Added Each Month.

Solid colour acrylics, acrylic pearls, metallics and soft silicone beads too.
— We’ve even got collars for your dog’s favourite team!

* Our 7×7 1.5mm Stainless Steel Aircraft Cable has an MBL of 161kg or 355lbs. From (


“I love these collars, but my dog is a big puller. Won’t these beaded collars just snap?!”

“Marty? Martingale? Whassat?”

“What’s a martingale collar? And why that should matter? A collar is a collar right?”

“Will they fit
my tiny (or huge) dog/cat/ferret?”

“My dog is enormous (or tiny). Or there’s my cat. What about my cat? Did I mention my pet ferret? ”

“Super STRONG!”

“Our martingale-style collars stand up to the roughest and rugged-est. In fact, they’re built on a foundation of stainless steel aircraft cable — with a 350lb break rating!”*

“Marty Collars Are Popular For Good Reason.”

“Properly fitted, a martingale collar helps you to better train, control and communicate with your dog.”

“Yes. Yes. And Yes. We make collars for nearly any size of pet.”

“Every Fawn & Moose Collar is made by us. By hand. Using the measurements you provide. And yes. We can make a collar for your ferret.”

What if it BREAKS?

If the beads, cable, clasps or chain break, we’ll repair your collar or replace it! For Free*.

If your Fawn & Moose collar breaks*, we’ll repair it or replace it at no cost. Your Fawn & Moose Collar is the last collar you’ll ever need to buy.

That said, some of our fave Pack Members have half a dozen or more! — You wouldn’t settle for just one pair of shoes, would you?

* Collars have metal parts that should be washed and dried if exposed to salt water and mud. Our collars will eventually show their age. It’s normal. We warranty against faulty manufacturer and/or breakage.

Our Customers Love Their Collars
Almost As Much As Their Pets Do.