Let your dog in on the fun with our new F&M Halloween Collection!


You’re gonna’ love your new Fawn & Moose Collar! Super strong and super cute! They strike the perfect balance between fun and functional. Because we make each collar by hand, every order is a custom order and with that in mind, proper measurement is very important.

Measure Twice. Order once.
Use a cloth measuring tape to measure your pet. First, measure the widest part of your pet’s head (typically, this is just ahead of their ears). Then, measure the widest section of their neck. The correct size for your dog will be in the LARGER of the 2 measurements. Do not use a hard tape measure. Accuracy is important and rebuilding your collar is subject to a $10 rebuild fee — plus shipping both ways.

Our Patterns:
The collar mockups shown on our site are based on 15” collars. If your collar is larger, we’ll add additional beads to expand the pattern. If your collar is smaller than 15”, we’ll edit your design by removing beads to create a pattern that fits your pet.

Need Help? Please read our page on sizing and if you’re still uncertain, just email us your questions and we’d be happy to help you.


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