When The Dog Barks.
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Here Are A Few
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Like Dog Walks?

Of Course, You Do. (Trick Question.)

Check out our new
Off-Leash Dog Park Map!!

Here’s a map Google (and some of our Pack Members) helped us make of Off-Leash Dog Walks in the Greater Vancouver Area.

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There are OTHER great stores for your dog too.

Who Knew?

Here are a few of the OTHER local makers of “dog brands” we like.

Over the past few years, we’ve met some amazing dog-focused brands while flogging our wares in local Vancouver Farmers’ Markets. We’re pretty darn certain you’ll love them too. Go on. Check.

We’ll wait right here.


The Howlin’ Hive (in Pitt Meadows)
We take our own good boi, Ditto, there on the rare instances we can’t take him with us on our adventures. They seem to have loads of experience with dog behaviour and are super conscientious. A very clean, and comforting environment with staff who really seem to care.


Charlie & Mabel
Charlie and Mabel’s owner Mary, makes extra strong Biothane leashes and collars. They’re waterproof and stink-proof and come in a wide array of colours and (wait for it) they do custom work to match your colour theme too!

Leashdog Shop
Megan at Leashedog Shop makes gorgeous ombre cotton rope leashes and adventure-themed hand-stamped metal ID tags too. She’s in Maple Ridge and has quick turnaround times, but alas, no website yet.

Threadz N Tails
Lee Ann at Threadz N Tails makes incredibly soft and comfortable cozies, vesties, hoodies, pyjamas and more in your dog’s measurements. She makes some pretty funky resin dog tags too!


Fresh Bark
Fresh Bark makes single-ingredient dehydrated treats for pets. Perfect snack-sized protein for long days out with your dogs.

Gibson’s Gourmet Goodies
Vet Tech & Dog Mom Leanne makes natural dog treats with limited ingredients. They’re perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs or food sensitivities. The fun sayings like “Certified Sass-Hole” and “Branch Manager” have always made us smile. She does custom work, too, (like our own #goplayoutside pumpkin spice treats). She even makes Doggy Birthday Cakes!


Fur Scents
Our friends, Patrick and Caroline Whelan, are a Langley, BC couple who started Fur Scents around the same time as we started Fawn & Moose Collar Co. They make a completely unique shampoo for dogs. It’s a dry shampoo for dogs! And it comes in 3 great scents, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Lavender. When you can’t do a thorough dog wash in the tub (with an F&M Boojee Bar, of course) Fur Scents offers a quick and easy alternative. 


Darkhorse Art & Design — Dog Portaits
Brent’s friend, Suzanne is a very talented artist and retoucher who also happens to be passionate about dogs! Her digital do portraits capture your furry friend on the best day in idealic painterly settings, where everything looks great. Her portraits regularly start at $120 (a deal if you ask me) but for a short time, they’re on sale for just $50!


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