Your Dog Needs
A Better Wardrobe!

Put the “Fun” in “Functional” with colourful, durable, Fawn & Moose Collars!

Acrylic Bead Collars

Our original handmade acrylic collars are a best-seller and talked about in dog parks and trails everywhere! We make every collar by hand from your measurements, so they fit perfectly. Each collar features our chromed Fawn & Moose tag and silicone end beads (bumpers) to hide mounting hardware and ensure a nice, snug-fitting collar with minimal gap between beads.

MONO — Single Colour Collars

One colour doesn’t have to mean “boring”! — Our solid colour acrylics have colour all the way through. Dozens of rich, solid tones to match your eyes, your truck, your wife’s eyes, your wife’s truck…

(Choose the colour family, then choose your favourite variations under each colour)

Tone-On-Tone Collars

A classic choice. Our tone-on-tone collars have a bit more depth and fun while still matching your pooch’s other gear. (shirts, sweaters, raincoats, booties, backpacks, eyeglasses, briefcases, cell phones, galoshes etc.). — Hey… Maybe you oughta’ ease up on the pet gear a little.

The Alts Collection

A bit of this and a bit of that. Our Alt Collection features designs that alternate between 2 colours. Sometimes subtle and serene, sometimes loud and punk-y but always interesting. — I’ll have a beer and a wine, thanks!

The Trio Collection

The Trio Collection features repeating 3 part patterns for a strong colour cast with more depth and playfulness than either a mono or duo collar.— They’re like wearable three-part harmonies! (the good kind, not the straw-hat barbershop kind.)

The Cabana Collection

Whites and pastels combine for an elegant look that’s right at home with a Mint Julep, a shade tent and The Great Gatsby. Or a warm beer and a gossip magazine down at the lake. — It’s fine. Nobody’s looking.

The Canoe Collection

Understated and classic in its simplicity. Lightly varnished pine beads with subtle solid colour silicone bumpers. The Canoe Collection is the favourite of people who appreciate a quieter approach. — Shhh. They’re reading again.

The Pearls Collection

Pearl-wrapped acrylic beads combine with soft pastel bumpers for an elegant look that’s especially suitable for celebrity dogs, influencer dogs, and dogs who star in sit-coms, rom-coms and daytime soaps.

The PRIDE Collection

Love is love. Celebrate diversity with a Fawn & Moose Pride collar. Super bright rainbows in single repeats, double-ups and rainbow swatches with white or black.

The Ombre Collection

Colours morph from one to another in our Ombre Collection. A collection for adventurous dogs (and their people), inspired by the gorgeous colours of nature, camping and summertime!

The Candy Collection

We were sitting around the other day eating big bowls of candy (as people do) when it occurred to us, that maybe other people love a sweet treat or two, too?! And the candy collar line-up was born. — Mouth-wateringly delicious dog collars?! — Yeah, baby!

The Stripes Collection

When they zig, you zag. Our Stripes Collection is different for its own sake. — Like your take on music. (by the way… Country/Hip-Hop is NOT a thing.) Get ’em while you can! (NOTE: Available in 15″ + sizes only)

The Harley Collection

You asked. We listened! Celebrate life on 2 wheels with our tribute to what is arguably the World’s favourite motorcycle brand. Familiar brand colours grey, tan, orange, and of course, black. —BORRRRRNNN TO BE WIIIILLLLDD!

The Reggae Collection

The new Fawn & Moose Reggae Collection recalls the chillaxing vibes of a tropical holiday with collar designs that say… “Relax and (puff, puff) soak in the island vibes mon! Where’s that pizza menu by the way?”


ONLY available seasonally! Grab your Halloween or Christmas collars while you can.
Give ’em as gifts or maybe consider giving them out instaed of candy! Your doggie visitors will lick yer whole face! Just sayin’

The Halloween Collection

Let your dog in on the season’s fun with our new F&M Halloween Collection! Spooky-fun designs they can wear for barking at all those pesky Trick-Or-Treater kiddos!

The Christmas Collection

Fa-la-la-la-laaaaah! Fawn & Moose Christmas Collars are ba-a-a-a-c-kkk! So chic! So gift-wrappy. So Christmas-sweater-y! So very Instagrama-able! Your gorgeous good-girls and handsome bois have never looked MORE photo-friendly! — CLICK!

NEW! Fawn & Moose Gift Cards!

When you don’t know what they’ll like, what size they are or what’s “on trend”, the ANSWER is a Fawn & Moose Gift Card! Available in $50, $100, $150 or $200 denominations, your dog-lovin’ friends (and their dogs) will lick your whole face!

Support Your Dog’s Favourite Team!

What could be better than having your whole crew decked out in team colours?! Whether football, baseball or hockey, Fawn & Moose has a collar in YOUR team’s colours!

Team Collars

You love your team! So naturally, your dog loves ’em too! Get your doggo geared up for watching the game with a genuine Fawn & Moose team colour collar! They’ll wag proudly with every goal! — Or whenever you start sharing your pizza rolls & pepperoni.

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